Prices for commonly performed work:

Minimum service call fee: $100.00. May be more depending upon location.

Normal tuning: Western Suffolk: $130. Eastern Suffolk, Lloyds Neck, Eatons Neck, & Nassau County: $135. Fire Island: Call. Extra charges may also apply for paper roll player pianos.

Extra tuning, if necessary (often needed after many years of neglect): $70.00 for up to a 1/2 step of pitch correction, $25.00 for each additional 1/4 tone

Repairs: Due to the involved complexity of the mechanism, there are too many things that can go wrong in a piano for price quotes of repairs to be included here. Most minor repairs on an action don't add up to very much money though, usually ending up being a fraction of the cost of tuning, if anything.

Replacement of white key tops: $700.00. The old set of chipped, cracked, missing key tops can be replaced with new plastic key tops. This is a labor-intensive shop job and the keys must be removed for a few days. The old key tops are stripped off and new ones installed and custom shaped to fit each key with straight, flush sides and clean right-angle notches (the spaces where the black keys fit).

Spot replacement or repair of missing/cracked ivories: $15.00 per key head/tail. Ivory is no longer used on new pianos due to the necessity of killing elephants for the material.  However, I keep a supply of old ivory heads and tails for spot replacement.  NOTE: Since ivory varies in color and texture, it is very unlikely that a replacement ivory will match seamlessly with the set on your piano, but usually it can be matched pretty closely.

Clean grand piano soundboard/shine strings: $150.00 This procedure is strictly cosmetic and will not affect the way a piano plays or sounds. The action and action cavity are vacuumed clean, the soundboard is scrubbed as clean as possible, and the strings are shined - returning a copper color to the bass strings and a silver color to the plain steel wire strings.