Turn your piano into a player piano!!

QRS pianomation (or PNOmation) is the leading manufacturer of digital retrofit player systems that can be installed in almost any piano.

I have been a factory-certified installer of QRS pianomation digital player systems for over ten years. I do installations for multiple local dealers and can do the same installation for your piano, in your home, at a lower cost than dealers can offer by eliminating the middleman. Systems come with a full parts/labor warranty of 5 years. Contact QRS at http://qrsmusic.com to verify my credentials.

The systems come with their own router and are driven wirelessly by virtually any tablet, smartphone or PC that has wi-fi capability. USB connectors allow for wired interface to connect a computer or USB-memory stick. The system comes initially with access to the full QRS library for 90 days after which you can purchase licenses to your favorites. All music available currently over 6,000 individual tracks and growing can be bought one song at a time or by the album, giving you flexibility in hearing what you want to hear.

The base system comes with a standard powered speaker for recordings with accompaniments. In other words, you can listen to a Mozart symphony, jazz trio, or 50s doo-wop group with your piano playing the piano part. QRS also has the snyc-along series where your piano plays along with selected original recordings, such as Billy Joel.

You can also add a record feature, that allows you to record